Our corporate philosophy is based on the deliberate search to constantly find the balance between us and your success. Our mission and values set the framework and guide our business strategies, guide our relationships with customers, both stakeholders and within the Kedka.com team. We believe that the fundamental values of our company underlie the understanding that our success is bound to your success and satisfaction with our delivered products and services.

Kedka.com is committed to selling beauty products that deliver results for women and men around the world as effectively and innovatively as possible. We believe that beauty products should be accessible and affordable for everyone and are therefore proud of the contribution we make to the welfare of the communities we serve.

Our customers are the heart of our company. We are therefore committed to offering products that together form a good pair, such as the quality of the ingredients and groundbreaking innovative products that actually work. We provide our customers with exceptional customer service, and are dedicated to helping people to look and feel better than they ever thought possible.

We have online beauty consultants who focus on excellent customer service and providing personal advice to guide you in finding products tailored to your special needs as a customer. Shopping for skin care does not have to be a guessing game; our beauty advisors can answer every or any question about skin care, haircare and nurturing cosmetics, color matches to help you get the best out of yourself. We have experts who can help you with your extensions, clip-on extensions, weave, hair coloring and finding the best products that meet your needs.

Extensions on request
We believe that everyone is unique and blessed with a unique hair structure, color and style. We also recognize that it is difficult to find the perfect matching color and good quality hair in the standard packages that are provided by manufacturers. At Kedka.com we have therefore decided not to compromise on quality and therefore we offer the following services to meet your objectives as:

Finding the best in real-hair extensions from our range.
Finding the most matching colors
Sewing or gluing clips for the hair
The perfect integration of the extensions in the hair

Our values

We embrace and maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity, transparency and honesty. We operate towards the assumption of absolute professional ethics.

We are result oriented. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of the customers. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of quality and customer service, as well as the maximum value of money or customers.

The needs of the customer

We strive to understand customers when we look at what the customer needs. What starts with the involvement of the customer in the requirements, where deep but short questions are asked to define these requirements. The customer is free to ask questions about products. We will do our best to advise customers properly after the best product for the customer has been recommended to our customers.

Becoming a long-term and trusted partner

We are here to build a long term relationship with "our client". Our priority is not only to provide very professional service but also to provide your weave, extensions, cosmetics and synthetic hair. Committed to satisfying your needs to make you feel good and to look good.

Earning your trust and self-confidence

In every business transaction we are about to win the trust and confidence of the customer by giving personal attention and bonding with passion that form the foundation for a long-term relationship. We go just that little bit further to offer your measurable service and products.